The Key to the Lock

This was one of the first poems that I ever wrote. I found it in more recent years in my journals. The key to the lock is worth any number of years that He takes for us to find! Or any number of years that He chooses to take to unlock us and open our eyes…


The Key to the Lock

A heartbreaking irony makes itself known full well
In the life of a traveller who’s been tested and tried
The hands that are strong enough to crack open our shells
Are rejected and pushed away violently, aside
The key that could easily open slavery’s dark door
Is inspected by us, even sometimes considered
But then taken and thrown into the deepest black hole
Where all dreams of a hope will have eventually withered
We don’t get it, surely we mustn’t, or else something would change
That we’re the scrambled up puzzle pieces that need to be rearranged
Surely a puzzle can’t put itself back together
Or the blind man alone be expected to “get better”
Or the one with no jacket be protected from the weather
If it’s pouring outside, we’ll just keep getting wetter
It just doesn’t make sense to expect of us all of these things
Unless perhaps, we are missing one of the most important things
You see, we weren’t meant to be drenched till we die
or have scales covering each of our brilliant blue eyes
Or remain in as many pieces as the stars in the skies
Or be locked up in cages wrapped in layers of lies
Or be surrounded by a shell that muffles all of our cries
We were meant to shout out in our times of despair
And call down His angels with deeply hurting heavenly prayer
Singing our songs of inadequacy out of tune, but just the same
Heard by the Master’s ears as a calling on his Name
Because, in our pained strengthless moments
We need more than just us
In fact the power that we had was simply left out to rust
So we pass the torch forward with our heads still held high
No longer is love’s secret passing us by
If you open your eyes, you’ll see the clear view
The key to endure is being handed to you
Now take it and know it’s reserved especially for those times
When the one who’s against you starts to tally up your crimes
And you’ve tripped over yourself for the trillionth time
So then today marks the trillionth time that the box may be reopened
But take at least a second, or an eternity, longer than you normally do
To take a look inside and let your insides be broken
The contents turn inside of you, set a fire in you

A message:
“I want to be with you in the midst of your messes
because I already unlocked the door
declared your spirit poor
and kept you from the rain
put you back together
took all the pain
gave you new eyes
cracked open your shell
Tore open the skies
Gave you stories to tell”

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