I wrote this poem for my pastor’s sermon series on Elijah, a mysterious, powerful and bold prophet that steps onto the scene in 1 Kings 17. I pray that this piece does justice to this man’s heart and his astounding life. More importantly, I pray that it does justice to the God behind it all.


Please listen!
Friends, dearest nation
The very voice of God echoes, ripples, whispers in this darkened age
The world is rejecting silver for rank mould
My heart sank as I was told, and even more as I saw
Men and women embracing dead wood, instead of throwing it straight into the fire
Kings turning a blind heart to the goodness of the Lord
Children led astray like sheep with no one to protect them
Families ripped away from truth as the rug is ripped from under their feet
The foundations of law and order collapsing, brick by brick, piece by piece
Statues, shrines, smoke and sin,
Wickedness filling this desert wasteland of deceit that we’re in
Into this world I stepped, into this world I spoke
To speak about a God that is indescribable,
It’s really quite a difficult task, but he is beautiful and the world MUST know
The world must know… that he is worth it!
And so one day this Father of mine took me aside and said:
“Child, you will see my power,
you will show my power,
This is your time, this is my hour”
So onto the soon-to-be dried up land I broke in and called out to the king a warning,
Voice broken with pain and surely interpreted as absurd.
I spoke “There shall be neither dew nor rain these years, except by my word”
And it was so. But this is where the miracles began to flow
For when the rains slowed to a stop, all of my needs were met by a widow and the birds
My life spared by ravens and the dying poor
A home by a creek my haven in a trying storm
Some say I lived a miraculous life, no I just served a miraculous Lord
Then he gave me power to restore her and her son by multiplying all that theygave
Flour and oil, like the feeding of the 5000 but a few thousand years before
Told her deceased son that he would live to die another day
And pulled his hand right out of the grave
But there’s only one that can really save
I pray my life pointed to him or… all is lost
I’d have earned fame and glory and maybe the hearts of the people but at what cost
A counterfeit magician no different than the daughter of a cult
Or a spineless chameleon of a man in whom others falsely exalt
450 men stared me down on that mountaintop
How did I even get there, all I know is this kind of thing happened a lot
A challenge, a test, a dare to light an alter without touching it
It’s touching isn’t it that they had such devotion to a charlatan master,
Cutting themselves and wailing and pleading. I tried to hold back laughter
Prophets crying out to a silent god that couldn’t hear because he has no ears…
Rather he’s dead, rather he was never even alive to begin with
All hope ripped away, no dream or prayer left intact
Though maybe lacking in tact, I like to tell it how it is,
I’m not afraid to say when people are downright wrong
If the Lord is God, follow Him, but if Baal is God, follow him
God’s jealousy towards humanity is quite strong
If we insist on having other gods, he will personally take them on
And so a firestorm shot down from heaven licking up every last bit of wood and water and unbelief of the prophets of this cultic daughter
Who made a vow to avenge their lives if it was the last thing she’d do
I was terrified so I ran to the wilderness, wouldn’t you?
Take my life! Oh creator! Never have I felt so alone.
Only have been faithful, worshipping on my own
I thought this would all turn out different
But I guess that’s the thing about expectations
He likes to push back on our well planned notions
Often gives the story a different ending than what we were hoping
But a quiet voice draws close, can you hear it?
“I am with you in spirit” and no not in the way that people say
When they can’t make it out to your event but want to soften the blow
He is holding my hands, leading me to where I shall go
Where can I go to escape your miraculous ways!
I do not know, I dare not hide my face from the only one in whom my life confides
A thunderous display of your glory today
A still soft small voice tomorrow
A lifetime of moments filled with joy and sorrow
I guess that’s what I sign up for…
When I said I would speak for the Lord.

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