I work for a group agency that supports adults with special needs in their homes. It’s been challenging. It’s been fun. It’s been scary. It’s been adventurous. It has been utterly faith stretching and humbling. God has used this line of work, being in a very practical helping role to teach me about how he cares for humanity as a whole and individually. This poem is a reflection, expression and in some ways culmination of this growth journey.

I stop what I’m doing and look over at her lying there, finally drifting off, eyes closed and fragile frame bent from years of wear and tear by the cruel hard world…
Linda. The world is yours. I think to myself as you’re falling fast asleep, yes there is something very special about your special needs.
Though your ailments trap you on our side of things, I can’t help but be convinced that as you slip into you’re dreams, you’re whole.
That the hole that this world leaves in you is filled up in every way and forgiven by the joy that you so gloriously possess, you’re practicing the skill of forgetting chains that have kept you bound.
For you are now, with your mind slowed and your eyes closed, in lands where words come easy, thoughts run deep.
You’re clothed in a dress magnificent, youth and strength and peace everlasting, and you can smile like never before,
You could run a mile without feeling stiff or sore.
Your laughter infectious, your heart pure gold, your servants so grateful for your favour, your palace bright and bold.
Linda you’re the queen.
And though this is a dream, I hope and dream and pray and know that one day this will be so.
At the turn of the tide, when all things are refreshed, all things cursed will be blessed.
All things will be reversed.
Though you will not be the greatest of all, that spot is reserved for one alone,
you will be much greater than I, sitting mightily on a throne.
Doubly honoured for all the suffering you’ve endured, all those times we got it so wrong and your desires were never heard,
for any embarrassment you may have felt as we were more light hearted about your needs than our own, for all the aches and pains of never being able to do much on your own.
For all the times you cried inside but couldn’t tell a soul.
For any times your staff misspent any of your wealth.
For any times we missed something important about your health… though you moaned and asked us for help in your own way, day by day.
For any times we complained and vented and talked about you disrespectfully, like being your friend was a burden not a treasure.
For any times you were hurt, abused, neglected or confused and all the while people thought it was okay because no one else saw.
Except you, Linda, you saw everything. It’s all part of your story.
I assure you most excellent one, as one of the special ones, your heart WILL be reimbursed.
The last WILL one day be first.
You will be praised and lifted up beyond measure.
Though you can only sleep and dream of this.
I cannot wait for your forever

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