The Whole World Would Not Have Room

I began thinking the other day about Jesus’ life, how much we know about it and how much we don’t, and my mind brought me to an interesting place. Consider this.. if close friends of yours journaled about your life every single day writing down one significant thing from each and every day, would people have enough of an idea to come to some understanding of who you were and what you did? Yes, of course. But, would people have a full picture of the entire story of your life, absolutely not… especially not when you’re still alive 2000 years later.

The Whole World Would Not Have Room

“Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written”.

The disciple Jesus loved, a powerful and peculiar quote
Concluding his 21 chapters of retelling, remembering, reminiscing,
With two of the most intriguing lines he ever wrote!
What mystery!
“But truly no one will really know” some may say
And then close off their minds to the possibilities and speculation
“But I cannot!” said the man with profound curiosity and imagination.
Because curiosity may have killed the cat,
But lack thereof kills much more than that
Let’s take a minute to do some of the math.
The carpenter divine took 30 years time before He began His main role
Then about three and a half years to teach, heal, love, live
And ultimately upset the deeply-rooted ways of old
The 89 chapters that recount His life, as gold as they may be, can only tell so much
Perhaps 80 or so days where people across His land
Really witnessed Him, heard Him or experienced His touch first hand.
Can you tell where this is going? Are you starting to see?
More than 1000 days are untold from Jesus’ ministry

This excites me! Why? Because it makes my King that much more real
Over 1000 moments where Jesus would have shown in completely different ways
that He can empathize…feel… and amaze
He’s not a dusty fairytale character who’s entire life finds
Itself wrapped up in hard covers, paper pages and spines
He was a man with a heart, body and soul
Who’s life was captured in a nutshell for all to see
But thinking of the uncaptured moments puts a spark in my mind:
What other times of tenderness were felt,
Shown maybe to an orphan, a widow, a young child as He knelt
And gave them his full attention, like they were the only one in the world at that moment
What other parables did He tell on the road to the city? What inside jokes were spoken?
How many moments did he show that He is incredibly witty?
Did he call the Pharisees dragons? Or vultures? Or slugs? Or other apt names?
Did many more paralytics stand up and walk off with their rugs? No longer lame
How many others did He raise from the dead?
What other times did He turn, in anger, bright red?
Surely a temple clearing was not the only time His blood was searing
What other journeys did He make? How long did they take?
Were there other times that He had to correct a disciples’ mistake?
When did He first tell them all what was truly at stake?
What other families followed Him and one by one believed in Him fully?
What other moments did Peter make himself look more than a little silly?
Did others reject Him, throws stones or betray Him
Or were the Pharisees and Jews really the only ones to hate Him?
To who else did he appear after His resurrection?
With which other loose women did He make a meaningful, caring, connection?
What other rich young rulers did He shut down
What other illness at His touch were unbound?
What other nobodies found their new reality in His life?
Just because they’re not etched in ink doesn’t mean their Jesus moment didn’t happen, Don’t you think?
And some will say that it is pointless to wonder about what we cannot be sure!
I get that, sure…
But from all that I know about this man, it seems quite wrong to assume
That the King of Kings spent every other undocumented minute
Sitting alone in an empty room
No, I choose to believe that He was busting people out of their tombs
And He did many other things as well,
Not to mention break the curse that kept the entire world under spell.
Restoring hearts and lives like He does best
And we will forever experience the unending effects of His life and death,
As He continues to fill the world with His story
But it feels like we’re running out of books

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