Hello there! Seeing as this is my first post, I thought I’d welcome you to whatever is going to happen from here on out, or maybe I should be welcoming myself to this experience, who knows. Blogging is a completely new realm to me. I’ve been writing poems for some time now, thanks to a good friend Bruce Narbaitz (http://mtls.ca/issue10/spoken-word/bruce-narbaitz). Most are scribbles and sidelines in my journals, written about things past and personal that they will likely stay forever on those pages, but in more recent years, I’ve been inspired and challenged to write more poems for all to hear. They’re nothing incredibly special, but I know first hand that it doesn’t take something mindblowing or out of this world to impact another human being, a simple phrase or touch or look can often do the trick. It is my prayer that the things I write about will spark a deeper interest in faith for those who are hesitantly spiritual and will woo to a deeper intimacy in faith those who are acquainted with the King.

Everyone once in awhile, I’ll be having a conversation with a friend and something will be said in that conversation that activates the poetic space in my brain. “That phrase is inspired” I think to myself and there’s no better way to honour words that are inspired than to respond with verse! It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s always fun. My prayer is that as I continue to write more and more, this will happen more and more, because it is quite powerful and does something spiritually intoxicating in my own heart. And so, in this particular case, my mentor Bruce was driving me home one night from a church service. The service had mostly been filled with songs and one particular song resonated with him.. the song “King of My Heart” had been played and as he talked about it, he said, “I really liked that song ‘King of Hearts.'” Inspiration. That’s it, I thought, when I got home, I put my pen to the page…


Next round, calls the dealer
I look down, this feels surreal or
Crazy, 8 or maybe even more possible outcomes in store
I’m not sure if I’m ready yet for the shuffle
But as the old saying goes “Everyday I’m shuffling”
I’m caught up again in the hustling and bustling
A man’s life on the line
A flash of cards dealt but the story is mine
How I’ve… felt
A game full of life, death and heart
So no more 52 pickup
I pick up my hand and whisper “Let’s… start”

Highs and lows mix together, they begin their mixing endeavour
I’m hoping that this time it’ll take a turn for the better
Traces of royalty mix in with the lowly
The basics begin to look like magic, slowly
A quick fan from some men across the way
Each one picking up their hands, war is waged
I watch how they all hold’ em, with cunning, bitter silence
Their egos shine like diamonds
13 rankings revealed, a secret club meets and mingles again
Foes or friends? They feel like giants

But I’m losing tricks no matter what tricks I try
Will I ever get out alive?
The Black Jack rises up so… fast
Brings up my future, my present, my past
Hit me! I say, I’ll get what I deserve at last
It’ll take 21 days to change my path
And 21 points to win, if that
But this house of cards of all my dreams is less stable than it appears
He huffed and puffed and blew it all away over the years
And I’m left in my seat, broken, dismayed, in tears
I’m shackled to the table in a trance hoping for new strings of luck
Hoping to claw my way out from beneath this muck
But when you make a bet with darkness
You just can’t come out on top
Some habits die hard, but some habits never stop
At least that’s how things are feeling, when you make deals with the devil
He revels and you’re left reeling
But a new face enters the fold
Defies everything you’ve ever been told
Warms the heart grown ever so cold
No, not the queen who’s crooked face stares from the wall
The unfairest one, the unfairest of them all
Not the ace who laughs inside when you can’t keep up the pace
Whispers “You’re a disgrace to those who ever tried”
Not the common ones who wonder why your attention
was never held in place by all they had to offer
No this one’s different somehow
Bright brilliant eyes stare back at you
and capture your imagination even now in this hour
He subjects you to his power
No matter what games you’re playing with him, he’ll find you
No matter what aims you may have that really confine you
No matter what names you’re calling yourself, he’ll remind you
That he’s the same everyday, in the hard parts, the good parts
He’s the truest face of all, the King of Hearts

From stone to flesh, that’s the plan
Started with his own group of 12 but he’s looking to expand
To welcome into his kingdom all of the clubs, groups, cliques in the land
To wrap his hands around the pretty plastic diamond donning, money conning misfits
Or heroes who’ve got all the praise in spades but are still thinking of calling it quits
He’s for you, so that you can know his heart too
So that you can be loved and adopt a new view
He’ll teach you how to go fishing for the broken
And not collect them like tokens
But be real with them
Listen for real to their hearts, both silent and spoken
And introduce them to the one for whom they’ve been hoping
Be a bridge of love between all of the solitary souls wrapped up in themselves
And the one who’s life overwhelms
A true neighbour to those who got jacked up on life only to get disappointed at the turn
He raised the stakes not so we could flop around like fish in a slow-moving river
Here’s the chance to call on the one true giver
The forgiver whose kindness has gone right off the charts
The beautiful, the worthwhile, the only King of Hearts


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