Greetings to all precious readers in the wonderful name of Jesus.

Now begins a new and exciting ministry that I am praying almighty God will be pleased to use for the building up of His Kingdom.  I enter in with boldness and total reliance on the inward working of Jesus Christ through His blessed Spirit.  However, from my vantage point, I find it hard to realize that there is any need for the weak thoughts of this aspiring evangelist; for what difference does a sapling make to a forest, or a rain shower to an ocean.  Who knows, for in every sapling there is a part of a forest and in every rain shower there is a part of an ocean: perhaps you will find that little insight that you can add to the big revelation.  So, I leave it with you: to read, to think, to question and to respond, by considering what is written, if it be of God then do. All I write, I write from my experience from God as He has taught me through His precious word and His dealings with me in my walk with Jesus Christ.  All that is good and praise worthy I offer to God because it is He who is the author, all that is weak and poor I take full responsibility, for that is of me.

As a travelling evangelist for over twenty years I have enjoyed being in His service. There have been countless blessings and there have been some challenges along the way but God has remained true and He has never disappointed.  I did want to call the blog, Musings from a frustrated Preacher, but my wife and son in law thought it wasn’t a good idea and they were right; what cause have I for frustration, except when I trust in me.

My hope, my prayer is that what I write will be an encouragement and a challenge and a blessing to you on your journey with Jesus.

Eric D. Hilton


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